GreenICT - Services

In support of her mission the GreenICT foundation offers the following services:

- GreenICT - advice

The GreenICT foundation advises organizations in the search for sustainable ICT solutions for their specific situation. The foundation has, among others, the opportunities to make use of a considerable amount of knowledge and skills of its specialized partners. Innovative combinations of present-day knowledge and/or technology can create interesting progress. We like to advise you and independently.


- GreenICT - project guidance

The GreenICT The GreenICT foundation initiates and guides sustainable ICT projects efficiently and effectively. If you want to start up a project yourself or you suspect your project needs guidance, the foundation can accompany you. Also in case your project threatens to come to a standstill and you can not make it out, you can appeal to us for advice.


- GreenICT - information

Sustainable ICT is a complex and multidisciplinary field. In such an environment good information is crucial. The GreenICT foundation can provide you this information.


- GreenICT - lectures

the GreenICT Foundation GreenICT provides lectures and presentations in the field of sustainable ICT. Let yourself take notice of the present but also future possibilities of the "sustainabilization" of ICT technology. Depending on the demand, the focus will be on society related context, the social context, the technical content or more policy related topics.


- GreenICT - workshops

Be inspired! Discover ideas, explore examples from the practice, ask your questions, test your organizations' possibilities and discuss during one of the interactive GreenICT workshops. Try a test case and discover that sustainable ICT can be realistic and reachable for you. Of course there is an active involvement of the participants expected. Given the contagious enthusiasm of our employees it will not be really hard.